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Krista Herling

I'm a 1, heavy on the perfectionistic and purposeful, with a side of 2, a little people pleasing, a little feeling like I'm never giving enough of myself. It's pretty much a recipe for burnout and panic attacks.
I lost my counselor last year and finally figured out she wasn't coming back so I have to start over. The franticness has got to stop. And while I didn't volunteer as much as I wanted to this year, I just swapped it out for substitute teaching... Which I actually really love, but it's left me feeling like I'm missing my kids. Ugh.
I think no matter what number you are, as moms we feel like we're never enough, never accomplished enough, and whatever we do (like clean the bathroom) is undone in a day anyway.
So, I guess this is commiseration.


As I sit here on the couch at 6:30 am, having my morning coffee, I see a load of whites on the leather chair, waiting to be folded, newspapers from the past few days, scattered on the coffee table, and oh, yes, DUST. I can relate to everything you said, Kristi. This stage of parenting, is easier in some ways, but more difficult with teens who lack respect, and appreciation for what we've been called to do in being ther mom. It is draining at times, and I too, have cut way back on being involved with volunteering for kids school stuff.
Time to sit back and take the time to breath...just breath.
Well said, and well written, Kristi. I hope you write a book, soon, Kristi...you are that good!❤️

Dolores Bennett


I really like your writing and for being brave enough to lay it all out there.

Enjoying your thoughts in some way makes my day. Keep up the good work.

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