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I LOVE this article. Yes and amen to all of it!

I, too, am a creative soul and have actually found being SM free has given me a chance to dial in on my creativity as well as discover new, uninfluenced, outlets. For example, I found I had spare time on my hands and have since discovered I love baking. Who knew! Haha! Now I make decorated sugar cookies and cakes and other goodies. And I was very surprised to find the amount of joy I feel when I do something and don’t immediately grab my phone to show the world. Instead, I like what I just did or made and it’s been awesome that that is finally enough. I do share with family and sometimes close friends but it’s an invitation for real life conversation and not a bunch of likes and hearts. I’ve figured out whose opinions actually matter to me and it’s been very rewarding.

I would also numb out. Being more present in my home and intentional with processing my emotions as a stay at home mom has been life-changing. My days are far from perfect but I am finding healthier outlets for all the things I would turn to SM for and have since been filling my time with things that bring me joy instead of numbness or realistically add more stress.

Great read! Looking forward to more!

Kristi Ahrens

Thanks for the comment Koreena! I'm so thankful to hear your voice in all of this. I think that you are a wise woman! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

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