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Joannie Olsen Bjorge Kuhlmeyer

That was an excellent read Kristi! I have often wondered the same things. I have visited the islands 5 times now, and every every day I long to return! I can't get enough. Perhaps because trips are only 7-10 days long. If I could stay a 3 weeks or a month, I might get my fill, and the longing would ease a bit. I think the vitamin D is wonderful, along with the ocean blue. Perhaps some of it is because it is so different from home, too. I see shows with people moving there, but I don't know if that would spoil it. The people their have their problems, too. We just don't have to worry about them when we are just visiting for a short time. We haven't visited Kauai, so that may be the next trip we plan!


Beautiful post Kristi! And I can totally see "exoticity" catching on.


Joannie, Thank you! I know for me, I get seasonal depression here under the fog, so living in a land where it's always sunny and warm sounds absolutely dreamy! But then again, I really believe adversity and sorrow spur on some of our deepest growth, so maybe I'm not supposed to escape the fog right now.

Great to hear from you!!

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