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I also just finished my second writing prompt for Five Minute Friday! Glad to see that we're both at about the same stage, makes me feel a lot better (although you definitely got more thoughts out than I did)!

Anyways, this post reminded me a lot of Matthew 6:25-27! We don't need to worry about what is ahead, only to be careful with what we have now, and be happy with the ride.

Paula Kiger

Relief is a good thing for sure!


"The only certainty I have is this: If I'm checking in with God every day, reflecting on what I hear from Him and holding it up to His authoritative scripture, I will be in the right place."

I love this truth. This is such a great reminder. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Stopping by from FMF: Just wanted to encourage you to stay open to your place in this life. Yes! as women we definitely to have a place in all of society - we need to stand together and use our voices as one! I hope you keep writing as part of the FMF community! Blessings, Sara


Being where God has led us...and obediently listening to His voice - is definitely the place for each of us. Enjoyed your post....how did you do with the five-minute timer? Definitely a challenge:)

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